#1 Gluten Free


Santa & Rudolf enjoy Gluten Free Bread
Jack delivered a loaf of #1 Gluten Free Bread to Santa this last weekend at the Windmill. Santa stated that this is the only Gluten Free bread that he and Mrs. Claus eat at the North Pole. Per Santa, "#1 Gluten Free Bread Mix makes the best Gluten Free bread in the whole World!. Even Rudolf likes it."

Great Whoopie pie!

Valley residents sample gluten-free snacks

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Downloadable Resource Recipes Booklet!
Pulses: Cooking with beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. Gluten free recipes for meals, snacks, baked goods and more! This booklet is full of information, ideas and great food photos!
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Celiac Disease: The Advantages of a Gluten-Free Diet on The Dr. Oz Show
Over 3 million Americans are suffering from a hidden epidemic...
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SAYRE PA - The First annual “Twin Tiers Gluten Free Expo” was held on Sunday October 10th at Café Too in Sayre. This event was hosted by the Celiac support group, Gluten Free in Sayre. The attendance at the Expo topped 150 interested people who either require Gluten Free foods, or have a family member or loved one who suffers from Gluten Intolerance. Vendors and attendees came from a wide area including New Jersey, Central Pennsylvania, and Southern NY. The coordinator of the event, Donna Yale, from East Smithfield, pronounced the event a “success!” Plans are already underway to make this an annual event in the Valley probably every Autumn.

The next event planned by the Gluten Free in Sayre Celiac support group, is their annual Gluten Free Harvest dish to pass Dinner scheduled for Sunday, November 14th. Contact Donna Yale at 570-596-3584 for particulars.

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