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About Us

We are the #1 supplier of Gluten Free Flour and Bakery Mixes to the entire Pennsylvania and New York Gluten Free and Special Diet community. We are #1 GLUTEN FREE.
Whether you live in the Southern Tier of New York, the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, the Finger Lakes Region of New York, the NY/PA Twin Tiers, or the Penn York Valley, we are your source for Gluten Free Flour.

You can make Gluten Free or Vegan Soup, Sauces or Gravy using our Vegan Gluten Free Flour and a little imagination. If you can dream it you can make it with #1 GLUTEN FREE Vegan Flour.
301 Shepard Road, Sayre, PA 18840

Our Gluten Free Mixes are all Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, and Trans Fat Free. Our Vegan Gluten Free Mixes and Flour are also Egg Free.
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